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Blockhead Moto

APC- All Purpose Cleaner

APC- All Purpose Cleaner

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Blockhead APC is a medium duty all-purpose cleaner & degreaser. It is formulated to remove tough dirt, grease and grime from most exterior and interior components. Dilute 4:1 for general cleaning. For heavy duty cleaning, use full strength.

How to use: Spray any loose dirt or road grime off with a pressure washer or water hose. Spray directly onto surface, or onto a clean soft microfiber towel. Apply a generous amount. Thoroughly rinse away product after usage. Do not allow product to dry on surface. Dry immediately to avoid water spots or damage to work surface. For delicate surfaces, re-wipe with a microfiber towel dampened with water to avoid staining of any kind. Repeat process multiple times for stubborn dirt or grime. *Not for use with denim / matte paint*
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