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Blockhead Moto

Quick Detailer/ Waterless Wash

Quick Detailer/ Waterless Wash

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Blockhead Quick Detailer / Waterless Wash is a silica (SiO2) infused quick detailer and waterless wash that cleans, shines & protects without the need for water. Our formula encapsulates dirt particles to safely clean without scratching or damaging your paints finish. Blockhead Quick Detailer leaves behind a hydrophobic finish on all surfaces including paint, chrome, polished aluminum, stainless steel, plastic and glass, contains no harmful surfactants, cleaning agents or VOCs and is 100% biodegradable.


SHAKE WELL. Spray directly onto surface and lightly wipe in with a microfiber towel. With a different microfiber towel, buff any remaining product on surface to remove any streaks and smears. If streaks appear, use a light spray of Bike Wash on panel and gently wipe again with secondary towel. Avoid applying in direct sunlight. *Not for use with denim / matte paint*
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